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1. Report Card

Tim is curious, funny, energetic and full of ideas and humor. He is smart and engaging and reads and understands concepts way beyond his years. But what he really wants to do here is work on social skills. He wants to wrestle and box and run and fling and get rough and dirty He is so pleasant and full of life.
And he is SO four. But during focus time, he sits and does his written work with interest and intention. He likes to speak up when we are having discussions and is always following along. Tim loves being involved in physical play and work although sometimes his participation seems to be as the observer and reporter.
He likes to play and work with Holden, Maddox, Jake and Charlie. He is still trying to get into the Holden and Maddox tight friendship, which can always be tricky.
Tim loves science projects, reading stories, making up stories, measuring, building, making shapes and playing games. We've been playing a little bit of chess as well as other educational games.
Tim often doesn't want to be involved in his own projects but would rather walk around assisting others with their projects, giving them ideas and engaging verbally. He does like cooperative work such as creating a setup or working in the sensory table.
We're so happy to have Tim in our class. He is so bright and cheerful and always ready to jump right in.
Michelle & Steve

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