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Baby Sister Survey

Here are some predictions of our little baby survey taken on our baby shower on 2/26. 3/3 by the way is Girls' Day in Japan. Thanks everyone for coming and all the gifts & special thanks for hosting a shower for us, Andrea.

Guest Birthdate Weight Length in inch Eyecolor Haircolor
Gilles 3/9/08 7 lbs 3 oz 23 blue blonde
Daria 3/3/08 8 lbs 2 oz 21 blue red
Asayo 3/3/08 8 lbs x x no
Nora 3/1/08 7 lbs x blue red
Bettina 2/29/08 6 lbs 11 oz 20,5 blue blonde
Mike 3/18/08 x x x x
Ayumi 3/8/08 7 lbs x blue blonde
Andrea 3/7/08 8 lbs 10 oz x blue reddish blonde
Voren 3/10/08 8 lbs 8 oz x blue blonde
Tini 3/3/08 7 lbs 6 oz 20 blue bald, later red
Marco 3/3/08 7 lbs 7 oz x blue bald

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